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3 Contributors to My Success!

I’m often asked: How did you do it?

When I thought about it, some of it was being in the right place at the right time. A lot of it was just hard work - making a plan and sticking to it! And then when things weren’t quite coming together tinkering with the plan...

The more I thought about it, the more I came to realise that there are actually three main things that have helped me to be successful beyond what I believed I could!

These principles can be applied to any business and even life in general!

Let me tell you about them.

Number one: Being Debt Free

For me, being debt free is the No. 1 reason that I have been able to make my business a success.

It has meant that I can focus on growing my business rather feeling stressed about having to cover debt on top of my general living expenses. And it has meant that I don’t have to worry about finding employment to cover debt just because it’s due for payment.

Being debt free is very difficult in this day and age. We are bombarded by so many things to buy and upgrade. We are constantly told that we need the newest gadget that has just come out on the market. And credit is the easiest way to get there.

I truly believe that being in debt holds so many people back from achieving their dreams because they feel trapped living in a cycle of debt off rather than being free to achieve their goals.

If you want to feel free to chase your dreams, pay off your debt!

Number 2: Having a great network of supportive like-minded people around me

This was so important in my journey to where I am today.

I was working in a very busy job, with not a lot of time to do anything much other than just survive when a friend reached out to me who had started working at being a Virtual Assistant and she said to me: “You can absolutely do this”. I had heard of Virtual Assistants before and thought that it was something I might like to investigate further but I didn’t know where to start.

My friend directed me to what has been one of the best things I’ve done so far in achieving the goal of being financially independent and that is the Virtually Yours network – better known as VYVA.

There are many different networks out there for Virtual Assistants, both free and paid. You can find heaps of them on Facebook. It just so happens that VYVA was the one for me. The owner of VYVA, Rosie, just seemed to speak my language and all of the other Virtual Assistants in the group are amazing and supportive! I thought it was incredible that essentially this group of “competitors” could come together and share ideas and support each other on their journey, celebrate the wins and console one another when we were having a bad day.

Do yourself a favour and find a network of like-minded people that works for you. Whether you are a VA or not there are networks out there that support your area of expertise. Having people there right beside you every step of the way makes all the difference.

Especially if you are feeling any self-doubt. Which brings me to my last point.

Number 3: Believing in myself and my abilities

Deep down, I knew that I could do this.

I knew I had the skills because I had participated in courses that taught me the grounding of what I needed to know – you know, how to use Microsoft Word, what is Cloud technology all about etc. And then I knew I had the experience… can you believe I have been in the workforce for more than 30 years?! I don’t look that old do I?! Haha.

But seriously, I knew I could do this.

And I know that you can too. If you don’t feel confident to do it, think about why it is that you feel that way? Is it that you feel you aren’t “good with computers”? Go and do a course! They are easy once someone shows you how. Do you feel you don’t have enough experience yet? Then go out there and get some! We make our future; it doesn’t just come to us… Build yourself up so that you know, deep down within yourself that you can do this and success will follow.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me today and reading through my thoughts! I would love to know what it is that has helped you in your success. Please share it with me.

Ailsa x

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